Boobs & Cleavage

Welcome to my blog of busty women, redheads, cleavage shots, downblouse, softcore/hardcore, and all other sexy things that I enjoy. This blog is NSFW, so if you are not 18, please exit.

Also, submissions are always welcome.

You can also send submission via SnapChat: boobs-cleavage

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  • keepasecretslut:

    maybe it’s bc the lighting is lovely… but maybe it’s bc I know my neighbors are probably getting a kick out if it.

    I heart taking pics with the blinds open & I heart my boobs lately

    and thanks hun buns for getting me to 900


    Decided to be nice since work is keeping me from being on tumblr as much..
    & use my lunch hour to get some more pics for you lovies ♡♡

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